Free scripts

This is a selection of my free indicator Pine scripts. A complete list of everything I’ve published (including libraries, for programmers) is here on TradingView.

This is just the start. I have a long list of stuff I want to create – see the Roadmap. If you have comments, bug reports, or ideas for new or improved things I might like to create, get in touch using the Contact Form. If you need help with creating indicators or strategies, see the Get help with Pinescript page.

How do I add a TradingView indicator to my chart?

Open a TradingView account (a simple one is free), click Chart, press the forwardslash / key and search for the indicator by name. I’ll probably write a Getting Started with TradingView guide sometime; in the meantime you could use their documentation.

What’s the difference between a strategy and an indicator?

An indicator measures some aspect of the market and tells you about it so you can decide what to do. A strategy gives you exact signals to open and close trades. Technically, a TradingView strategy is a backtest that shows roughly what would have happened if you had followed its trading rules.

How do I use an indicator?

Indicators can help you see and respond to patterns and to trade better. But you still have to have your own rules for entering, managing, and exiting trades.

What else do I need?

Most people use a few of their favourite indicators, along with support/resistance and market structure to decide when to enter and exit trades. And a risk management system for sizing.

Don’t you have something that just always wins trades and makes millions?

Yeah these don’t exist. Believe me, I looked. Even if someone invented one, they’d have to keep it to themselves, because if too many people use a particular strategy, the market adjusts and it stops working.

If these are any good why are they free?

These are free either because they build on someone else’s work or because I felt like giving them away so that strangers on the Internet would like me because I learnt how to code from open scripts provided by others. There are thousands of free indicators on TradingView and some are very good.

Can I copy/change your code?

Yes: you can copy and adapt the open-source scripts. I add a lot of comments in the code to make it easier to understand how they work. You must make your own version open-source if you do (that’s how open-source works). You don’t need to ask permission, but please do credit my TradingView user @SimpleCryptoLife.

Some of the free scripts are closed-source, because they’re simpler versions of my Pro scripts. You can’t change or see inside these ones but you can still use them freely.

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