I’ve finally got a vision of where I want to go with my scripts and will be publishing them regularly from now on.

All but one of my scripts up to now have been free, and mostly open source. I’ve also published a number of unique libraries to help other coders make cool scripts. For most of the topics in this roadmap, the main script will be free and open-source. There will also be some advanced (PRO) versions, usually multi-timeframe versions and screeners, which will be paid and closed-source. In this way I hope to balance giving as much value as possible for free while also making this financially sustainable.

If you have any comments, or you think I’m missing some essential part of a trader’s toolkit, do let me know.

Market Structure

“Market Structure first, always.”

My indicator was the first on TradingView to use a strict rules-based approach to defining market structure (as opposed to the easier Williams Pivots). With these indicators I hope to finally have all angles covered.

  • SIMPLE MARKET STRUCTURE. The BoS and CHoCh we all know and love, but better – because properly rules-based. Includes different types of market structure bias.

  • MARKET STRUCTURE MTF | PRO. Levels on the chart from multiple timeframes at once.

  • MARKET STRUCTURE BIAS MTF | PRO. Market structure bias on multiple timeframes at once.

  • MARKET STRUCTURE BIAS SCREENER | PRO. Screen 40 assets according to whether market structure is bullish or bearish.


Volume breakouts all day.

  • PREDICTIVE VOLUME BREAKOUT. Predicts whether the volume on the current bar will be greater than average. Uses various techniques to reduce false positives.

  • PREDICTIVE VOLUME BREAKOUT SCREENER | PRO. Screener for volume breakouts over 40 assets.


New tricks with the old classic.

  • RSI TOOLBOX. RSI Flow for trends. Divergences and more.

  • MTF RSI Flow. Multi-timeframe momentum trends.

  • ULTIMATE RSI | PRO. Advanced patterns: range shift, divergence structure.

Ultimate ICT

I’m not even gonna talk about this one because you wouldn’t believe me. Let’s see if I can pull it off.

Support & resistance

Support and resistance is distinct from Market Structure, and so we dedicate these indicators to these critical levels specifically.

  • HIDDEN SUPPORT & RESISTANCE. Rules-based support and resistance, including Engulfing and Expansion: two kinds of S/R you’re not using yet but should be.

  • SUPPORT & RESISTANCE MTF | PRO. Support and resistance levels on the chart from multiple timeframes at once. Alerts for bounces/rejections.


Exponential Moving Averages can show trend, and also act as dynamic support and resistance. There are a lot of EMA indicators out there, but I think there’s still some ways we can take it further.

  • EMA FLOW. Extensions to my free, open-source EMA Flow library.

  • EMA FLOW | PRO. Trade rejections from EMAs of the right slope under the right high timeframe Flow bias.

  • EMA FLOW BIAS MTF | PRO. EMA Flow trend bias on multiple timeframes.


A classic tool. We can improve on it by refining the signals and expanding it over multiple timeframes.

  • STOCHASTIC TOOLBOX. Better reset signals, and Stoch Structure: market structure based on Stochastic levels.

  • FANTASTIC STOCHASTIC MTF | PRO. Resets and bias on multiple timeframes.

Supply & Demand

Distinct from Support & Resistance and Market Structure, we will dedicate a pair of indicators to this concept. I’m not yet sure how good all the existing Supply & Demand indicators are but I’m sure we can find something to improve.

  • SIMPLE SUPPLY AND DEMAND. Rules-based supply and demand zones with sharpeners.

  • SUPPLY & DEMAND MTF | PRO. Zones from multiple timeframes.

Pure Trend

A wildly experimental momentum concept.

  • PURE TREND EXTREME OSCILLATOR. Free but closed source. Finds major pivots in market direction.

  • PURE TREND REVERSAL SCREENER | PRO. Screener for reversals on multiple assets.

  • PURE TREND SHARPENER | PRO. Display signals on chart.

  • PURE TREND X-RAY (MTF) | PRO. Multiple timeframes.

Trend Trader

  • TREND TRADER TOOLBOX. Trade resets in a trend (buy dips in an uptrend, sell rallies in a downtrend). Multiple options for trend and reset, some unique to my indicators.

  • ULTIMATE TREND TRADER | PRO. Add more advanced trends and resets.

Price Trader

  • PRICE LEVEL TRADER | PRO. Combine multi-timeframe Support & Resistance, Supply & Demand, market structure, rejections, and momentum to trade intelligently off price levels.

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