“Roadmap” is perhaps a bit of a kind description. This is just a list of all the script ideas I’ve sketched out (some in great detail, some just as concepts). I don’t know how many of them will work as I imagine, whether or how I’ll release them publicly, or when I’ll get round to doing them. It’s got a lot shorter as I’ve published quite a few scripts and libraries now.

If you have a preference for one getting done before another one, or you have an idea that isn’t here, do let me know.

  • Beyond Market Structure – The perfection of the Momentum Failure Pattern concept

  • EMA HLC Ribbon – EMAs based on the High, Low and Close simultaneously

  • Altseason switch – gives you a reason NOT to trade altcoins most of the time, only when they’re in season

  • Multi-timeframe Market Structure

  • Huobi Hedgehog – try to predict the out-of-nowhere crazy pumps you get on illiquid coins

  • Momentum + ATR small candle theory – to catch trends on extremely volatile assets

  • Volatility-based daytrading strategy

  • Monster Trailing Stops – configurable, adaptive trailing stops component

  • Moving average rejection library

  • Mirrored Williams Fractals – could be useful for TP lines

  • Better Volume – filters and trends in volume

  • Mirrored dynamic ATR – for potential reversal zones

  • Mind The Gap – calculates the average and maximum gap in overnight trading, so you can size your risk accordingly

  • CME gap finder – but plot over regular BTC chart

  • Volatility Trend – alternative to ATR

  • Continuous Divergence

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