Hire me

This page explains how you can pay me to do scripting work for you. I simply don’t have time to give out both useful scripts and individual help for free. I decided to focus on creating useful scripts, most of which are free. If you want free help, see this page.

Why hire me?

If you hire a coder who has a good reputation, then they should try to do a good job in order to keep it. It also shows they have some skill.

You can browse my public scripts here.

What I can and can’t do

  • Develop an idea from scratch
  • Fix bugs in your script
  • Make it run faster
  • Prettify it
  • Add features
  • ❌ Automate trades
  • ❌ Work in other languages than Pine
  • ❌ Work on other platforms than TradingView

How much does it cost and how long does it take?

💷 My current rate is 75 GBP per hour. Minimum project length is one hour. If we don’t know each other, you’ll need to pay part in advance. I take Paypal or crypto.

🕒 Coding is a creative endeavour, so (unless it’s something small) it can be difficult to tell in advance exactly how long it will take. If it takes time because it’s difficult, that’s chargeable. If I have to learn something new in order to make it work, I won’t charge for that time. Some clients like to work in blocks of hours and review at intervals.

Ready? Contact me.

Some cool things I’ve done

I enjoy coding new things. Some examples of things I’ve coded so far, for myself or others:

  • Sortable and filterable tables
  • Multi-timeframe indicators
  • 40-asset scanners
  • Many kinds of Market Structure
  • Complex alerts

Want your own cool stuff? Contact me.

Anything else?

I’m not very much interested in strategies (fiddly, and I think they’re misleading) and prefer to work on indicators. But I might do a strategy if you ask nicely.

I reserve the right to refuse or cancel a job in progress (and return the current state of the code along with that part of your money that represents the time I didn’t use), at my discretion, for any reason including the following:

  • If you insist on telling me how long it will take (“it will only take you five minutes!”) 😂
  • If the requirements are too confused or keep changing
  • If you want to do something that goes against TradingView’s House Rules

You retain all intellectual property rights and copyright unless otherwise agreed in writing.

You’re paying for my time, not for the result. I can’t guarantee that it will turn out as you are picturing it. I will do my best.

If this is cool, contact me.

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