Pro scripts

These are especially powerful scripts that you can only access by paid subscription.

My scripts and trading ideas have 1381 likes on TradingView. Of course, trading isn’t a popularity contest, but it encourages me that people find my stuff useful.

This is just the start. I have a long list of stuff I want to create – see the Roadmap. If you have comments, bug reports, or requests for new or improved things, get in touch using the Contact Form.

How will these scripts give me an edge?

Most traders lose money most of the time. So you have to develop some kind of edge. This can be better information, better skills, or better tools. The easiest edge is simply not doing the same damn thing everyone else is doing (it’s losing them money, remember). This means using common indicators in a more sophisticated way, or using unique indicators.

What’s so unique about them?

All my paid indicators were developed by taking one small idea and pushing it as far as it would go. Because there are tens of thousands of indicators around, there’s probably something somewhere that is at least a little similar to each of them, but mine are not copies of someone else’s product. They’re my original creations.
I’ll tell you a secret: my Price Action Trend component is based on a simple Smoothed Moving Average channel. The SSMA channel itself is a common idea. But derived from that, a trend strength tool that calculates trend direction and overbought/oversold from the same data – that’s unique.

What if everyone starts using them?

If everyone used the same tools in the same way to trade the same markets, they would lose their edge. But I don’t think it’s possible that any significant percentage of active traders all start using my tools. Although, for some really special strategies I have in mind for future development, I might have to cap the number of users for this reason.

Why would anyone pay for stuff when there’s so much out there for free?

There are great resources available for free. There’s also a lot of not-so-great stuff. One reason to pay for tools is that you’re likely to get better quality, and you can complain if they break. Another reason is that you can use the time you save by not trying hundreds of mediocre versions to do something useful.

How do I get these scripts?

Order the scripts you want on this website, and send me your TradingView username. I manually add your TradingView username to the access list. You get a notification that I added you – and there you go, you can use them.

Why are they so expensive?

Trust me, if you were to try to compensate me at market rates for the time I spent learning to trade, learning to code, and writing and testing these scripts, they’d cost as much as a new car, each 🙂 The price here is a very modest return on my investment.

Can I get a refund if I lose money using them?

Hahahaha. No. You retain responsibility for your own trading at all times (anyone who encourages you to do otherwise is not your friend). If a script doesn’t work as you expect, you probably have unrealistic expectations.
But if it doesn’t work the way I described, or if it stops working and I decide it’s too much trouble to fix it, it would be appropriate to get a refund. Apart from that I can’t see a circumstance where it’s likely I would give a refund.

Can you create this, that, or the other?

Quite probably. Do get in touch using the contact form.

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